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5 secrets for running outside with allergies

Sunny days last longer. It's the perfect time to shift to outdoor workouts and leave the gym. But if you are allergic, then pollen count can make it difficult for you. Despite pollen allergy, how can you perform as well as usual without risking the worsening of your allergy symptoms? We have 5 practical tips for you to enjoy your outdoor workouts despite the pollen allergy or fever.


Outdoor workouts can worsen your symptoms

Jogging, cycling, and other outdoor activities can worsen your symptoms, as exercise can make you breathe deeply. Exercising allows the pollen to get into your airways and irritates the blocked nose and eyes.

         But that’s not the reason to hide indoors when life is constantly going on outside. Besides, it’s healthy to stay active in pollen seasons to avoid allergies and train your respiratory muscles.


  1. Carefully plan your workout

Depending on your location, plan your workout in the evening or morning. At these times, there is not enough pollen that can irritate you or stick to your clothes. In cities, there is the lowest air pollen count in the morning, while in rural areas; the pollen count is lowest in the evening time.

In the mountain area, the wind can’t carry pollens higher than 1600 meters, and same in coastal areas, the wind is free of pollens as it sweeps in over the water.


  1. Wait for rain

If you are a moderate athlete, it’s the only time you will have to get enough courage to head out in the rain. Running in bright shine can do wonders but worsen your allergy symptoms.

Whereas the rain will wash the air clean for you. Besides, look on the brighter side, and there is no such thing as inappropriate clothing and bad weather. It’s your chance to splash on some outdoor gear, finally.


  1. Optimize your route

No doubt, it’s too tempting to run in the gorgeous summer meadows blooming with flowers. But unfortunately, if you have pollen allergies, this beautiful scenery will not be worth it when you have to step every minute due to difficulty breathing and prick your nose. In summer and spring, the flowering plant's fields are the hub of pollens, and you will pick a lot of stuff in your run. So it’s better to avoid such areas at this time of year.


  1. The right equipment

Even if you aren’t used to wearing glasses, you should try protecting your eyes when you are outdoor. People with hay fever often have sensitive membranes on their eyes that get easily irritated outdoors.

Sunglasses, sports glasses, and even pollen glasses are suitable for protection from pollens. They have a good fitting that gives extra protection from pollens.


  1. Essential: Post-workout wash

As soon as you finish your workout, put on your clothes. As soon as you complete your exercise session after exercise, jump straight into the shower and wash your hair. In this way, you make sure that none of the pollen is in your hair or clothes.

In addition, avoid the wet clothes hanging outside as they act as a magnet toward pollens. Besides, doing this will eliminate your purpose of washing.

These tips will help you run outside despite your allergies, But if you need to discuss anything, an allergy specialist should be your priority.


This information is for educational purposes only and is not intended as a substitute for medical diagnosis or treatment. You should not use this information to diagnose or treat a health problem or condition. Always check with your doctor before changing your diet, altering your sleep habits, taking supplements, or starting a new fitness routine.

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